SES101 – Introduction to SUSE Enterprise Storage 2 Administration – 2 day



Pris: 12.800 sek

This two-day course will introduce you to SUSE Enterprise Storage and the underlying ceph technology.  It will cover how to install and build a storage cluster, administer the cluster and perform common management tasks.

The target audience is administrators who are new to SUSE Enterprise Storage, and who wish to understand the operation, installation and administration of a SUSE Enterprise Storage cluster.

Participants will learn the details of SUSE Enterprise Storage architecture, will install a SUSE Enterprise cluster and then use it to practice typical administration and monitoring tasks.

Course Overview

Delivery Method: Classroom
Course Duration: 2 days
Course Level: Intermediate

Key Objevtives

Topics covered include:

  • SUSE Enterprise Storage 2 Overview
  • Architecture of SUSE Enterprise Storage/Ceph
  • Planning a SUSE Enterprise Storage Cluster
  • Installing SUSE Enterprise Storage 2
  • Understand RADOS + CRUSH map
  • Access Storage via RADOS Block Device and RADOS Gateways
  • Perform typical management tasks
  • Introduction to monitoring a SUSE Linux Enterprise Cluster

Course Prerequisites

Attendees should have good SUSE Linux Enterprise Server skills, equivalent to a SUSE Certified Linux Professional certification.

Familiarity with virtualized environments will be helpful for the in class exercises.