K4302 Certified Business Architect® Cordial AB – 8 dagar

Pris:  64.000 sek


Kompetensnavet har nöjet att presentera den här kursen med tillstånd av Cordial AB, unik riktad till dig som är anställd i offentlig sektor.

Course Overview

The Certified Business Architect program provides you with thorough business acumen by helping you gain deeper knowledge in Business Architecture and business models. It brings together business strategy, business models, processes, IT and organization. Combined, these elements create the conditions for modern business development and commercial flexibility. As a Certified Business Architect, your core competence is to master the tools that control the Business Architecture and the business model.

This program will teach you the building blocks of a modern business and how they interact to create a robust, flexible and sustainable platform – as well as a competitive business. The Business Model Canvas is a central component in this training.

The program is a combination of theory and its practical application taught through classroom sessions and web-based learning, in the latter you can choose the time, pace, and location of your studies. The mix of teaching methods applied through both theory and practice is to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity for quickly converting your new knowledge into action.

Course Outline

This program focuses on four main areas:

  • Business Strategy and Business Models
    How do you implement the business strategy in the business model? You will get familiar with The Business Model Canvas, value propositions, customer segments, channels and relationships associated with structures and processes.
    how to take development from business strategy to business model.
  • Business Model Innovation
    How do you use a structured approach when developing new and innovative business models? We study how to define clear and attractive offers and how to develop business models that work in practice.
  • Design of the Business Architecture
    You will learn how to design the Business Architecture and detail the structures and processes for realization and flexibility, as well as defining and prioritize strategic business requirements.
  • Business Model Realization
    You will learn how to realize a new Business Architecture and business model, and how to manage structural issues individuals and groups within the organization as well as communicative challenges that come with this.