K4301 Affärsinriktad Enterprisearkitekt® Cordial AB – 8 dagar

Pris:  59.000 sek


Kompetensnavet har nöjet att presentera den här kursen med tillstånd av Cordial AB, unik riktad till dig som är anställd i offentlig sektor.

Applying a business perspective to the structural dimensions of an enterprise and learn how to convert business challenges and requirements into flexible structures

Course Overview

The Business-Oriented Enterprise Architect program will provide you with in-depth knowledge of business oriented enterprise- and IT development. You will gain a greater understanding of the company’s structural aspects from a business model and Business Architecture perspective.

In this program, you will learn how to convert business challenges and requirements into flexible structures that enable a favorable context for your business development.

The program is a combination of theory and its practical application taught through classroom sessions and web-based learning, in the latter you can choose the timing, pace, and location of your studies. The mix of teaching methods applied through both theory and practice is to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity for quickly converting your new knowledge into action.


Course Outline

This program focuses on four main areas:

  • Business strategy, business model and business requirements
    Learn how to put enterprise architecture in a clear business perspective, by developing understanding of strategic directions, business model analysis and the design of the overall demands.
  • Capability-, process-, information- and system modeling
    You will learn how to design, formulate and communicate business structures in terms of capability-, process-, organization-, information- and system models both from an overall and a detailed perspective.
  • Architectural vision and solution transformations
    You will learn how to develop an architectural vision based on the organization’s strategic aim and how to use it, both as a framework and as a control instrument, in the development of the organization’s transformation plans.
  • Realizing business oriented process- and IT development
    The program uses contemporary education models to equip the participants with the appropriate tools for bridging the gap between strategy and structures in order to strengthen the overall business development process.