K4020 Moodle Administration and Course Creation – 2 days

Pris: 14.000 sek


This course is designed for Moodle Administrators and those tasked with creating Moodle content

Course Prerequisites

Course Outline

Moodle Overview
What is Moodle and how it is used

Moodle Course Management
Moodle organized courses by categories so we look at creating courses and categories and common settings

Moodle User Management
Managing users and profiles on your Moodle system and how they can be enrolled onto courses

Managing Permissions
A tour of Roles and Capabilities and how they are applied in different contexts

Managing the Look and Feel of Moodle
Here we look at the use of the site page and the dashboard and how we can customize Moodle’s look and feel

Managing Content
Here we look at the different type of resources and activities that can be added to a course

Managing Quizzes
In this section we look at quizzes in Moodle and how they can be used

Managing SCORM Content
Here we look at different SCORM modules that we can add and tools such as Articulate Storyline 2 which can be used to create interactive content for Moodle.

Backup Courses
He we look at backing up and restoring courses