K4010 Moodle Installation and Initial Configuration – 2 days

Pris: 14.000 sek


This course is designed for Linux administrators wanting to gain experience on installing and configuring Moodle 3.x. We use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as the installation platform

Course Prerequisites


Course Outline

Moodle Overview
What is Moodle and how it is used

Moodle System Requirements
What can you install Moodle on and how much resource do you need

Configuring Services
Moodle requires accurate time with NTP and Apache and PHP to be installed

Install MySQL and Create the Database
Moodle also needs a database for storage. We will install MySQL and create a database and use for Moodle

Downloading and Installing Moodle
There are different mechanisms that can be employed to download Moodle. We will investigate these methods and extract and install Moodle

Initial Configuration
Moodle needs certain tasks running via cron which we need to automate as well as making changes to the PHP.INI

Adding Users
We should add an additional server administrator at the very least to ensure site availability

Configure Site Page and Access
We look at configuring the site page or landing page to the Moodle site and deciding on what level of access is needed to this page

Backup Moodle
At this initial starting point we should create a backup so we have a baseline we can return to and help us understand Moodle backups