K2560 VMWare Operators Course – 2 days

Pris: 18.000 sek

Course Overview

The modules in this course are covered to a level appropriate to operators rather than installers. Thus reducing the course length to two days.

Key Objectives

• Configuration of virtual switches, network connections and port groups

• Storage management technologies

Creation and Management of VMs
• Use of templates
• Cold and Hot (VMotion) migrations
• Manage using VMware VirtualCenter and Web Access

Resource Management
• Setting VM priorities on CPU, memory, and other resources

Monitoring Your Environment
• Workload assessment
• Virtual Machine and ESX host monitoring

Data and Availability Protection
• Clustering, backups, failover, Fault Tolerance

• System architecture
• Systematic isolation of problems
• Common symptoms, faults, fixes

TARGET Audience

New or experienced system operators who would like to join an intense hands-on pratical training.

Course Prerequisites

Understanding of concepts corresponding to VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals.