3123 GroupWise 2014 Administration – 4 dagar

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Course Description

The GroupWise 2014 Administration course (3123) prepares students to administer a GroupWise 2014 mail system. Students learn the following high-level skills:
Installing and configuring a basic GroupWise system on OES and Windows servers.
Performing administration tasks in and maintaining a basic GroupWise system
Installing, configuring, and optimizing GWIA
Expanding a GroupWise system and maintaining it
Installing and configuring GroupWise WebAccess
Installing and configuring Novell Messenger
Monitoring a GroupWise system
Installing and configuring a basic GroupWise system on OES Linux
The audience for GroupWise 2014 Administration (Course 3123 ) includes a diverse group of professionals:
GroupWise system administrators, integrators and engineers
Networking consultants
Reseller and partner technical-support staff
New GroupWise customers

Course Information

Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom, Classroom
Course Duration: 4 days
Course Level: Intermediate

Key Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to administer a GroupWise system with the new admin tool. They will be able to upgrade an existing GroupWise system from earlier versions. They will be able to upgrade GroupWise clients throughout their organizations. They will know how to set up GroupWise to use a directory for its user source and how to synchronize users.

Audience Summary

This course is designed with the newly-assigned GroupWise administrator in mind.  Experienced GroupWise administrators are better off taking the Moving to GroupWise 2014 (8726) course. Students should have a good understanding of GroupWise terms and concepts such as Domains, Post Offices, Agents, GWIA, and others. Students should be familiar with directory database systems such as eDirectory. LDAP familiarity is recommended.

Course Outline

The following topics are covered in this course:

  1. Install and Create a Basic GroupWise System
  2. Install the GroupWise Client
  3. Directory Associations
  4. Evaluate Performance
  5. Maintenance
  6. GWIA
  7. Expand the System
  8. WebAccess
  9. Calendar Publishing
  10. Messenger
  11. Monitor
  12. Upgrade

Course Prerequisites

Students who attend this class should be somewhat familiar with basic mail system architecture (GroupWise familiarity is a plus). Linux and/or Windows server experience is also helpful as is basic networking knowledge.
Students should know basic  directory database structure and design. (eDirectory and Active Directory)