K8102 Linux Embedded – Bootcamp – 4 dagar

Pris: 22.400 sek

Bootcamp Training 4 daYS

This training will kickstart your embedded Linux project!

We welcome your embedded developers’ team to four intense days learning to master the basics of Linux embeddded.

We work with Raspberry Pi as a target – bring one home after the training – included in course price.

This is a very practical training – lots of hands-on help you quickly master the basic embedded Linux you need to kick-start your project.


With this training you will learn how to compile the Linux kernel and modules, how to build drivers and how to build and troubleshoot startup scripts.

During the training you configure and build uClibc, BusyBox and build projects with Eclipse.

Debugging and profiling are essential parts of creating an effective and wellfunctioning embedded Linux system. During this bootcamp you dive into the methodologies of debugging and profiling applications built for Yocto Linux.


This training is intended for individuals or whole development teams that are about to start up an embedded Linux project and need to learn the basics of how to work in and plan for that project using efficient tools and best practices of Linux embedded system development.


Basic knowledge of Linux.
Basic knowledge of the Eclipse environment.

Introduction to Linux Embedded

Terminology in Linux Embedded

System design – coomon methods

Linux Embedded
– Kernel
– Libraries
– Applications
– Networking
– System init and scripts
– File systems
– Memory handling
– Runtime Linux System
– Kernel space och user space
– Virtual/physical memory
– System components
– System requirements of development environment

Efficient development methods

Development environments – Toolchain


Application development

System services and device drivers