8022 Micro Focus Vibe 3.3: Administration Fundamentals – 2 dagar



Pris: 12.800 sek

Course Overview

In this course, students are introduced to the fundamental skills of installing and setting up Micro Focus Vibe 3.3 (including the installation and configuration of Vibe Desktop and the Micro Focus Vibe Microsoft Office Add-in). Students also learn how to upgrade to Micro Focus Vibe 3.3 from a previous 3.x version, how to migrate data into a new Vibe 3.3 system, and how to integrate Micro Focus Vibe 3.3 with GroupWise 2012.
Training Level:2 – Intermediate
Duration: 2 Days

Key Objectives

The following are high-level tasks that students should be familiar with after completing to the course:

  • Describe the purpose and advantages of new features in Vibe 3.3
  • Complete a successful basic installation of Vibe 3.3 on Linux (or Windows)
  • Update to Vibe 3.3 from a previous Vibe 3.x version
  • Migrate data from a previous version of Teaming or Vibe to Vibe 3.3
  • Perform post-installation setup tasks such as planning and implementing an initial workspace structure, granting appropriate access control to registered users, and setting up Vibe virtual zones
  • Install and configure Vibe Desktop
  • Install and configure the Vibe Microsoft Office Add-in
  • Integrate Vibe 3.3 with GroupWise 2012

Audience Summary

This course is designed for network administrators who are responsible for installing and maintaining collaboration services such as Micro Focus Vibe 3.3.

Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course, students should have basic networking administration skills, including some knowledge or experience in installing network services (Web services in particular), utilizing or maintaining LDAP protocols and directories (such as eDirectory or Active Directory), Windows or Linux (such as SUSE Linux) operating systems, and experience administering GroupWise (for the GroupWise integration section).

Course Outline

Section 1: What’s New in Vibe 3.3

  • File Management
  • Folders and Workspaces
  • Dynamic Group Creation in Vibe

Section 2: Basic Installation

  • Vibe Installation Overview
  • Vibe Pre-Installation Tasks
  • Vibe Basic Installation
  • Vibe Post-Installation Tasks

Section 3: Updating and Migrating

  • Updating from Vibe 3.2 to 3.3
  • Migrating Vibe Data into New Vibe 3.3 System

Section 4: Setting Up Vibe

  • Setting Up Vibe Site Administration
  • Planning Access to Workspaces and Folders
  • Setting Up Initial Workspaces
  • Setting Up Site-Wide Customizations
  • Setting Up Guest User Access
  • Configuring Vibe Desktop
  • Configuring Microsoft Office Add-In
  • Configuring E-Mail Integration
  • Setting Up Zones

Section 5: Integrating GroupWise

  • Overview
  • Configuration