8015 Managing Assets with Micro Focus ZENworks Asset Management – 3 dagar

Pris: 18.200 sek

Course Overview

Managing Assets with Micro Focus ZENworks Asset Management presents a comprehensive look at how to use ZENworks 10 Asset Management. The course begins with a review of Software Asset Management techniques applicable to any enterprise using any asset management tool. Then, students are introduced to the ZENworks Control Center, learn how to navigate and configure the application. The features of ZENworks Asset Management – usage monitoring, document and contract management, and software license management are presented in detail.

Training Level: 0 – All

Duration: 3 Days

Key Objectives

During this course, you learn how to:

  • Describe asset management.
  • Explore ZAM through the ZENworks Control Center.
  • Configure ZAM.
  • Perform software recognition.
  • Use reporting.
  • Use software usage monitoring.
  • Manage documents.
  • Manage contracts.
  • Manage licenses.

Audience Summary

This course is designed for both experienced software managers, those in the SAM (Software Asset Management) space, as well as those new to the practice.

Course Prerequisites

There are no course prerequisites.

Course Outline

  • SECTION 1 – Asset Management Overview
  • SECTION 2 – Introduction to ZAM and the ZCC
  • SECTION 3 – ZAM Configuration
  • SECTION 4 – Software Recognition
  • SECTION 5 – Reporting
  • SECTION 6 – Software Usage Monitoring
  • SECTION 7 – Document Management
  • SECTION 8 – Contract Management
  • SECTION 9 – License Management