8250 Micro Focus Operations Center: Administration – 4 dagar

Pris: 22.400 sek

Course Overview

This Micro Focus Operations Center: Administration course will teach students how to install and configure Micro Focus Business Service Manager 4.7. The course material will be presented in an implementation order framework to enable students to understand how to approach a very complicated product implementation project.

Training Level: 3 – Experienced

Duration: 4 Days

Key Objectives

During this course you will learn to:

Understand what NOC does for an organization
Understand what the implementation project will entail
Understand the basic components in developing a NOC solution

Audience Summary

This course is designed for consultants, implementers and administrators who will be working with Micro Focus BSM.
Course Prerequisites
There are no prerequisites for this course.
Course Outline

Section 1 – Introduction
Objectives: Solution Capabilities – Solution Business Benefits

Section 2 – Product Overview
Objectives: Functionality – Products – Architecture – Security

Section 3 – Implementation Project
Objectives: Lessons from the field – Methodology – Principles – Key Rules

Section 4 – Install and Configure Micro Focus Operations Center
Objectives: Requirements – Installation – Configuration Manager – Configuration

Section 5 – The Console
Objectives: Root elements – Views – View Builder

Section 6 – Adapters
Objectives: The Hierarchy File – Creating Adapters – Adapter Types

Section 7 – Service Models
Objectives: Create and Populate Service Models – and more

Section 8 – Service Configuration Manager
Objectives: Understanding Service Configuration Manager – Creating Definitions

Section 9 – Script Basics
Objectives: Library – Debugger – Scripting Conventions – Object Model

Section 10 – Layout Views
Objectives: Understanding Layout Views – Navigating in Layout View – Drawing

Section 11 – Monitoring
Objectives: Elements – Alarms – and more

Section 12 – Security Management
Objectives: Data Storage Security – Identification and Authorization –  and more